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1. Spruce fibre wood purchase

Pulp wood is used for the production of viscose in a chemical way. When processing, it is first debarked, chopped into wood chips and subsequently, during chemical process, it is boiled till soft and used for the production of viscose. Technical conditions for the production of this range depends on each customer, but basically it is wood which is not suitable to be cut in terms of dimensions or quality.

2. Wood chips purchase

Wood chips are result as a by-product while producing timber by means of milling or subsequent chipping waste wood. During the chemical process they are boiled till soft and subsequently used for the production of viscose. Only the so-called white chips are suitable for the viscose production, i.e. the chips which are made from debarked wood. Another quality indicator which affects the production process itself is the size of chips and portion of undesirable fractions (either small or big fractions). Ideal dimensions of wood chips are approx. 25x25x5 mm.

3. Spruce saw logs purchase

The spruce saw logs are used to manufacture lumber, either fresh, dried and also planed.